Our College

Our College

Empowered by the self emptying love of God & inspired by our Mother Foundress Claudine Echernier, we the Crossian family, envision a just and harmonious society where all people live life in its fullness.

Holy Cross College aims at forming well-integrated persons, who will strive to transform society, by meeting the challenges of life and taking a stand in the struggles of the poor and the marginalized.

The College stands for total liberation and development of the whole person of the student in order to prepare them to take their rightful place and responsibility in society.


  • To give an all round formation to students in the light of Christian principles inculcating spiritual , cultural, social and ethical values.
  • To work towards academic excellence on par with international standards.
  • To develop social awareness and commitment among the staff and students to the benefit of the society around specially the poor and the marginalised.
  • To motivate students towards environmental issues and sustainable development.
  • To instill in students appreciation and respect for the country.

The Cross of Christ traces for us a way of growth, to receive the fullness of God’s gift, enabling us to help all people to open themselves to the grace of the Passion of Christ, a power always at work in the world ( R.O.L pg. 2 ) .

The Congregation of the Sisters of the Cross had its humble beginnings in the year 1838 in a small village called Chavanod in the beautiful mountainous region of Haute Savoie in France. The situation created by the French revolution (1789-1797) and the Industrialization of Europe (1750-1830) affected very much the socio-economic and political conditions of France and especially the region of Savoie.

At this time, there lived at Chavanod, in the service of the presbytery, a pious, energetic and devoted person: Claudine Echernier. She was a native of Feternes, a small village of Chablais, and belonged to an extremely poor family.

Having lost her mother at the early age of 15, she had to bring up her little brothers and sisters and could leave her home only when she was 27 years old. In the presbytery of Chavanod, she began to gather around her, children and young girls of the parish, in order to teach them reading, writing and catechism.

Fr. Peter Mermier, a zealous priest and Founder of the Missionaries of St.Francis de Sales was deeply moved by the poverty and illiteracy that prevailed among the poor in the society and he sought for ways and means to remedy the situation.

He envisaged the founding of a new type of religious congregation which would permit poor young girls to live a consecrated life in the midst of the world. At the time of the Mission he preached at Chavanod in 1838, he met Claudine Echernier. Some of the girls who came to her every Sunday were animated by the fervour that she communicated and yearned to dedicate themselves totally to God and to the service of His people.

A Dream Takes Shape

The intuition of Fr. Mermier and his apostolic sense enlightened by the Holy Spirit and stimulated by the needs of the times, permitted this nucleus of young girls gathered around Claudine, to become the first community of the Sisters of the Cross.

Thus was born in extreme poverty and great simplicity, a Congregation of a new type for those times. It permitted in fact poor young girls to live a consecrated life in the midst of the world, either continuing their works at home , or with their Masters or living together in community. They could thus help one another in their work, be witnesses of the Gospel in their milieu, and be educators of the poorest.

By their services and the example of their lives these Sisters “set the tone” in their parishes and helped others to come out of their condition of ignorance and poverty. At the time of the death of Claudine Echernier in 1869, there were already 300 Sisters in the Congregation.

The college is indebted to Rev. Dr. Roch Agniswamy, the late Bishop of Kottar and to Rev. Dr. Antony Muthu, the late Bishop of Vellore, the then parish priest of Kurusady, for the initiative to start it, and to late Rev. Mother Yvonne Lavorel, the then Superior General and to Rev. Mother I Marie Cecil Vionnet, the then Provincial of the Sisters of the Cross of Chavanod, Province of Tiruchirappalli for assuming responsibility in the establishment of this institution.